• Anton Barty, CFEL, Germany
    Introduction to x-ray diffraction with use of FEL sources, including  review of the applied methods and scientific highlights especially in the field of the biological imaging
  • Elke Bräuer-Krisch, ESRF, France
  • Microbeam radiation therapy and other therapies with synchrotron radiation
  • Alessia Cedola, Rome, Italy
    3D visualization of tissue by x-ray microdiffraction and phase contrast tomography
  • Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie, SOLEIL, France
    New generation of light sources: Present and future
  • Mikael Eriksson MAXLAB, Sweden
    MAX IV, The World's Brightest Synchrotron Radiation Source
  • Charles Fadley, LBNL, USA
    New directions in hard and soft x-ray photoemission with synchrotron radiation
  • Francois Fauth, ALBA, Spain
    Powder diffraction and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in material science at the 3rd generation ALBA synchrotron source
  • Wojciech Gawelda, XFEL, Germany
    Chemical reaction dynamics investigation with FELs and storage rings
  • Jozef Keckes, Leoben, Austria
    X-ray diffraction characterization of strains and microstructure in nanostructured thin films
  • Maya Kiskinova, Elettra, Italy
    Properties of Morphologically Complex Materials and Individual Nanostructures using Synchrotron-based Spectromicroscopy and Imaging
  • Jacek Krzywinski, SLAC, USA
  • Andrea Locatelli, ELETTRA, Italy
    LEEM and XPEEM to watch graphen at different substrates
  • Anders Madsen, EU-XFEL, Germany
    Structural dynamics investigated by coherent X-ray scattering
  • Claudio Masciovecchio, ELETTRA, Italy
    FERMI seeded FEL
  • Alke Meents, PETRA III, Germany
    High-resolution x-ray phase contrast microscopy with tender X-rays
  • Mohammed Mezouar, ESRF, France
    Synchrotron radiation: an advanced tool for science under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature
  • Martin Meedom Nielsen, DTU, Denmark
    Time-resolved x-ray scattering in molecular liquids
  • Lukasz Plucinski, FZ Jülich, Germany
    Spin-polarized ARPES
  • Pantaleo Raimondi, ESRF, France
    ESRF Upgrade Phase II
  • Andrei Rogalev, ESRF, France
    Recent achievements in XMCD with synchrotron radiation
  • Wojciech Rypniewski, Poznan, Poland
    RNA biostructural studies (Exact title will be precised later)
  • Tsumoru Shintake, OIST, Japan
    SACLA Hard X-ray Free Electron Laser Based on Normal Conducting Accelerator Technology
  • Marcin Sikora, AGH, Poland
    RIXS-MCD as a sensitive probe of 3d magnetism with hard x-rays
  • Marek Stankiewicz, SOLARIS, Poland
    Present status and future development of SOLARIS project
  • Ivan Vartaniants, Hamburg, Germany
    X-ray scattering methods for the study of disordered systems. New opportunities and challenges
  • Przemyslaw Wachulak, Warsaw, Poland
    Extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray imaging with compact, table-top laser plasma EUV and SXR sources