Preliminary Conference Program:

The exhibiting area of a poster table is 140 cm (height) x 115 cm (width).

[ IO – Invited Original, O – Oral, P – Poster]

O. Adiguzel (O) Crystallographic Studies on Phase Transition in Copper Based Shape Memory Alloys
D. Adjei (O) + (P) Laboratory Laser-Produced Plasma Source of Soft X-rays for Radiobiology Studies
A. Andrejczuk (P) Influence of imperfections in a wedged multilayer Laue lens for the focusing of X-rays investigated by beam propagation method
W. Andrzejewska (P) The SAXS studies of complexation dicationic gemini surfactants with low molecular nucleic acids DNA and siRNA.
G. Appleby (O) Science Link: Cooperation between science and industry in the Baltic Sea Region
M. Ayele (P) Extreme ultraviolet surface modification of fluoropolymers for biocompatibility control
K. Balin (P) Structural and electronic properties of Bi2Te3/Eu/Bi2Te3 films
A. Behrooz (P) Crystal structure and defect structure of selected Ca9RE(VO4)7 single crystals: A high-resolution diffraction, white beam topography and powder diffraction study
D. Chekrygina (P) Shape reconstruction of nanoparticles in clusters using SAXS data
A. Czajka (IO) A XAS study of low phonon glass-ceramics
J. Czapla-Masztafiak (IO) The chemical forms of sulfur in prostate cancer tissue  analyzed by means of XAS
T. Czarski (P) Data processing for soft X-ray diagnostics based on GEM detector measurements for fusion plasma imaging
K. Dabrowski (P) X-ray fluorescence holography studies for an ordered and disordered Cu3Au crystal
L. Dadinova (O) Complex formation of pyrophosphatase with protein-partners investigated by small-angle X-ray scattering in solution
I. Demchenko (P) XAFS investigations of local structural changes in (Ga,Mn)As thin layers at low temperature postgrowth annealing
M. Di Fraia (O) PhotoIonization and Velocity Map Imaging spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules and Clusters with Synchrotron and Free Electron Laser Radiation at ELETTRA
D. Dul (O) Attenuation and indirect excitation effects in x-ray fluorescence holography
E. Dynowska (P) Structural investigation of ultrathin Pt/Co/Pt trilayer films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy induced by extreme ultraviolet light  irradiation
P. Egierska (P) Nanosystem based on phospholipids and surfactants as innovative delivery system for gene therapy- circular dichroism and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy studies
O. Ermakova (P) Equation of state of monazite-type lanthanum orthovanadate: in situ high-pressure powder diffraction and ab initio calculations
T. Fok (P) High harmonic generation from a multi-jet gas puff target for FEL seeding
W. Gospodarczyk (P) Interaction of selected gemini surfactants with two model proteins: BSA and HEWL
W. Grabowski (P) SRF performance of Tesla 1.6-cell cavity  with plug photocathode
S. Grebinskij (P) SrRuO3 Valence Band study by means of Resonant Photoelectron Spectroscopy
E. Guziewicz (P) Application of Synchrotron Radiation for Study Fano Type Mn (3p-3d) Photoemission Resonances
K. Jablonska (O) X-ray absorption spectroscopy for industry: examples from Science Link project
P. Jagodziński (P) Simulations of von Hamos X-ray spectrometer based on segmented-type diffraction crystal
Ł. Jarosiński (P) Raman Spectroscopy of graphene - based composite
W. Kaszub (IO) Mainstream and alternative routes to photoinduced phase transitions
M. Klepka (IO) XAFS technique used to obtain structural information for complexes of coumarin derivatives with Cu
D. Klinger-Teuchmann (P) Au covered ZnO layers irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
J. Kolodziej (P) UARPES -Angle Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy beamline at National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS
E. Kopeć (P) Determination of the lead and lead oxides concentration in human biological and environmental samples using X-ray spectrometry techniques
B. Korczyc (P) Extreme ultraviolet irradiation effects on PVDF polymer surface
J. Kowalska (O) Spectroscopic Insights into Nitrogenase Structure
B. Kowalski (P) Surface states on topological crystalline insulator Pb1-xSnxSe – an ARPES study
T. Kubacka (IO) Large amplitude spin dynamics driven by a THz pulse in resonance with an electromagnon
J. Kubacki (P) X-Ray Absorption and Resonant Photoemission studies of Fe doped SrTiO3 films for different parameters of PLD deposition
E. Lipiec (IO) SR-FTIR microspectroscopy coupled with multivariate data analysis in study of interaction between radiation and living matter
D. Maniak (P) Application of the X-ray spectrometry methods in analysis of the diet supplements
M. Mazurek (P) X-ray spectrometry and microtomography techniques in geological applications
R. Minikayev (P) Low Temperature Structure Transformation of Ni doped La2-xSrxCuO4
A. Nedolya (P) Simulation of the emitter existence conditions during cathode arc deposition of refractory materials.
R. Nietubyć (O) Integrated magnets for Solaris storage ring
K. Nowakowska-Langier (P) Structure of AlN films deposited by magnetron sputtering method
B. Orłowski (P) Synchrotron Radiation Photoemission Study of Pb1-xCdxTe crystal with  Local Structure
C. Paluszkiewicz (P) Trans-Reflection SR-FTIR technique applied to biomedical coatings study
W. Paszkowicz (P) Mechanochemical synthesis of the scheelite-type PrVO4 and HoVO4
J. Pelka (P) Intense synchrotron radiation sources in probing the biostructures and life processes
C. Pettenkofer (O) Energy Converting Interfaces Studied by Synchrotron Radiation
Z. Pietralik (P) Gemini surfactant as effective agents  for delivery of nucleic acids
P. Piszora (P) Crystallochemical reason for degradation of the Baltic amber (succinite) nugget
R. Przenioslo (P) SR diffraction studies of the structural inhomogeneities of CaCu3Ti4O12
P. Rejmak (P) XAFS, FTIR, UV-Vis and DFT studies on Cu(II) complexes with coumarin derivatives 
C. Rivard (O) Speciation and distribution of phosphorus in environmental samples using the ID21 beamline, at the ESRF
A . Rudkowski (IO) X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy of bornite, Cu5FeS4
D. Schmeißer (O) Spin state and satellite structures in Co and Fe based absorber materials and catalyst
M. Skupin (P) SAXS STUDIES OF ZWITTERIONIC LIPOPLEXES –  Nanosystem based on phospholipids and surfactants as innovative delivery systems for gene therapy
M. Slezak (O) Prospects of X-ray Photoemission Electron Microscopy at the first beamline of Polish synchrotron SOLARIS
W. Sławiński (O) X-Ray diffraction study of stacking faults in silicoaluminophosphate SAPO-18/34
R. Sobierajski (P) Energy transport by hot electrons in c Si irradiated with 5.5 and 12 keV photons
M. Sobisz (P) Investigation of the thin films properties using X-ray reflectometry and grazing incident X-ray diffraction methods
K. Stachnik (IO) High resolution ptychography using off-axis illuminated zone plates
M. Staszczak (P) 2D and 3D calculations in modified Tesla-like cavities
I. Sveklo (O) Modification of magnetic properties of Pt/Co/Pt trilayer under nanosecond EUV irradiation
W. Szczerba (O) X-ray absorption fine structure study on electrochromic metallo-supramolecular polyelectrolytes
A. Szkudlarek (P) Novel nanocomposites created  by Cu(hfa)2 and Co2(CO)8 via Focused-Electron-Beam-Induced-Deposition
J. Szlachetko (IO) Ultrafast pump-probe X-ray spectroscopy at SwissFEL
W. Szmyt (IO) XANES study of the (H3O)[Ni(cyclam)][Fe(CN)6]∙5H2O dehydration process
W. Szuszkiewicz (P) Raman Scattering as a Tool to Study Structural Changes Induced in Silicon Wafers by Intense Femtosecond X-ray Free-Electron Laser Pulses
T Szymocha (O) Synchrogrid: IT services for polish Synchrotron operators and users
C. Ślusarczyk (P) Time-resolved SAXS studies of morphological changes in a blend of linear polyethylene with homogeneous ethylene-1-octene copolymer
M. Taube (P) Low resolution solution structure of the HSP90:SGT1 complex from the Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
U.O. Tomyn (P) Taking into account the orientation of dislocation loops in the statistical dynamical theory of X-ray scattering
D. Wardecki (P) Influence of the crystalline microstructure on the magnetic ordering of nanocrystalline chromium
T. Wasiewicz (O) Prospects for cw linacs: Polfel and Eu-XFEL upgrade
A. Wawro (IO) Relations between structural and magnetic properties in metallic ultrathin multilayers
A. Wawrzyniak (P) Electron and Photon Beam Parameters for Solaris Synchrotron Light Source
Z. Werner  (P) XANES lattice location of cobalt implanted into monocrystalline ZnO and plasma pulse annealed
Ł. Węgrzyński (P) Method for characterization of gas-puff targets for high energy laser matter interactions
W. Wierzchowski (P) Synchrotron topographic evaluation of strain around craters generated by irradiation with x-ray pulses from free electron laser with different intensities
A. Witkowska (P) Nano-structured Pt embedded in the acidic salts of heteropolymolybdate matrices: MS XAFS study
A. Wojeński (IO) GEM-2D detector based reconfigurable measurement system for hot plasma diagnostics
J. Wolak (P) Nanosystem based on phospholipids and surfactants as innovative delivery system for gene therapy- circular dichroism and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy studies
A. Wolska (IO) XAFS study of the Ni complexes with hydantoin derivatives
M. Wydra (IO) Electronic properties of Ti-Al-C based MAX phases
I. Yatsyna (P) Structural studies of Au layers irradiated by intense EUV nanosecond pulses
M. Zając (O) First bending magnet beamline at Solaris
P. Zajdel (P) Local Electronic and Crystal Structure of CuCr2Se4 Doped with Ge
D. Żymierska (P) Threshold fluence of ultra-short VUV laser pulse for structure modification of gallium arsenide